Singapore sets longevity policy pace

This is the second episode from this month’s Longevity Leaders conference in London – the first of its kind. Think of the conference as the equivalent of the World Economic Forum’s Davos for the rising industry borne of the longevity revolution. All stakeholders present.

This time we look at longevity through the lens of a major player in global insurance and financial services. Wilf Blackburn is CEO of Prudential Singapore. The city-state famous for its efficiency, innovation and meticulous planning, is one of the few places making big moves to balance longevity risks and opportunities.


  • The government’s comprehensive public policy initiatives, including this week’s budget subsidies for older workers
  • The key findings of Prudential’s study into longevity readiness
  • The role of insurance and financial services multinationals in a rapidly ageing society
  • How Prudential Singapore is improving the longevity prospects of its employees
  • How ageism and anxiety over potential social isolation sit alongside traditional reverence for elders
  • How his young son bucked social norms in taking a gap year before high school
  • How water buffalo feature in Wilf’s future, third-act plans


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