Skin Cancer: My "likely 80% malignant" bombshell + what you need to know about melanoma

One in two of us will get cancer – it’s only a matter of what kind and when. I wouldn’t say I’ve morbidly dwelled on that unsettling fact in recent weeks, but I have had cause to consider it anew.

Long story short, a skin cancer specialist has declared a flat brown blob that suddenly appeared on my lower leg is likely a malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. How likely? 80% likely. Excision biopsy surgery is booked for this week [delayed now until end of month].

I’m that whiter-shade-of-pale, green-eyed Irish prone to sunburn. I’ve been careful in the sun as an adult, slathering on sunscreen, but that wasn’t the case in my teens.

Every summer day was spent swimming, slathering on baby oil, baking to a golden crisp on the various sandy beaches of my hometown, Sarnia, Ontario.

It’s at the southern tip of Lake Huron on the American border, roughly the same latitude and climate as New York City. Eggs are fast-fried on summer sidewalks.

On this episode of The Big Middle, the why and what of melanoma – diagnosis, treatment, prognosis.

Back on the podcast with her skin-cancer-specialist cloak on, dermatologist Dr Fayne Frey, the founder of that brilliant skincare education hub we explored in episode 49.


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