In praise of growing older and slowing down at every age

On this episode of The Big Middle, a big thinker and crusader against evil ageism and racing through life instead of actually living it.

Carl Honoré is a prolific author, dynamic speaker, accomplished linguist and a really nice guy – fun to hang out with on a summer’s day on a patch of Battersea Park green near his home in south London.

His latest book, his 4th, is BOLDER, making the most of our longer lives. He says he wrote it for anyone of any age thinking – and worrying – about what it means to grow older.

Earlier books In Praise of Slow, The Slow Fix and Under Pressure earned him the tag “the godfather of slow”.

We’ll explore all as we go, two Canadian transplants in London on the same team against ageism and for slowing down to notice and savour all the moments of life.


Pull quotes galore in this one but you’ll have to listen for them.

Of major note is we chatted for 90 minutes and I only did a gentle edit of our conversation. I hope you’ll agree the hot pink shirt had to be discussed at length.

Speaking of length, this one veers into Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan and Peter Attia podcasting territory – longest one ever. I decided not to chop into it because getting to know Carl was a such a shareable treat.

And yes, knucklehead here yet again forgot to take a pic. Doh. Enjoy!


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