Action man public health crusader + biohacker who busted the "a calorie is a calorie is a calorie" myth

Wish we indy podders had music rights cuz, for this episode of The Big Middle, I’d fire up Sisters Are Doin It For Themselves, that glorious Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox feminist anthem from the 80s. People Are Doin’ It For Themselves is the tweaked version I’ve had on my brain loop since inviting Sam Feltham to come have a chat.

Sam is a health crusader of the first order. Six years ago, he founded the UK’s Public Health Collaboration charity – a grassroots education hub that’s part of a global wave of people rising up against the dietary orthodoxy that’s making way too many of us sick.

Sam rather impressively chose to make himself temporarily sick to prove all calories are not created equal – they differ in nutritional value and biochemical impact.

Hear how the former fitness trainer and entrepreneur scoffed nearly 6,000 calories a day for 21 days at a stretch to test three dietary regimes: real food, fake food and vegan.

A fascinating, inspirational guy. Enjoy!


Please view the information in this episode as only that; it should not be construed as medical advice. Go to your GP or family doctor for that.



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