Listener​  💕Informative and Insightful – Susan Flory delves deep and wide into one of the most relevant and yet overlooked issues of our time: how can we make the most, as a society, of the gift of longer, healthier lifespans? I’ve been binge-listening back episodes and learned so much from her in-depth interviews of leading scientists, doctors, academics, and inspiring older people. Her passion for the topic is infectious!   Thank you​!​ 🥰 atinatinati via Apple Podcasts ·Switzerland ·05/06/2020

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My free-range podcast on the big issues of healthy, longer life from the world’s smartest thinkers, innovators, game-changers. Stereotypes are smashed, mindsets are moved in interviews on all aspects of the longevity revolution redefining life as we know it. We’re not just living longer, we’re ageing differently. Gift. We get to design new ways of living.

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